Must-try dishes in Myanmar

Recently, Myanmar has been one of the hottest destinations in Asian tourism. Besides the beautiful landscapes and amazing culture, the Myanmarian cuisine is an attractive thing for tourists. Although Myanmar cuisine is heavily influenced by India, China, Thailand and the culinary cultures of many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has its own characteristics.These are top dishes that you should not miss when taking Burma Indochina tours.

Tea leaf salad

One of the most distinctive delicacies of the Myanmar people is lephet – the fermented tea leaves. These tea leaves are used to make tea leaf salad and for snacks, appetizers or eat with rice.

These sour leaves are mixed with bitter, fiber-spiced cabbage, sliced tomatoes, beans, garlic and garlic slices, and spicy chili to create a special salad.

However, Myanmarian advise tourists not to eat this salad too much because it is as a stimulant, may make you sleepless.

Rice of Shan people

Known by another name nga htamin – fish rice, rice of Shan people is an ideal choice for visitors traveling there.

The aromatic rice is cooked with yellow broccoli and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet of garlic aromatic. Along with the spices such as garlic, chili, pepper, Shan-style rice is a favorite dish for spicy people.

The aromatic rice is cooked with yellow turmeric and eaten with a freshwater fish fillet of garlic aromatic. With the spices such as garlic, chili, and pepper, Shan-style rice is a favorite dish for spicy eaters.

Myanmar curry

Curry is a characteristic dish and traditional flavors of Myanmar cuisine which is served at any restaurants in Myanmar. There are many types of curries made from the material such as chicken, beef, pork, sheep meat or seafood. A curry meal is usually served with rice, soup, fresh vegetables, fried vegetables and other herbs.

You should try the curry with onion, rice, tea leaf salad and fried tofu.

One interesting thing when eating curry in Myanmar is that you will receive traditional Myanmar desserts – pickled tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray.

Cakes with tea

The tea house is a great place for tourists to explore and immerse themselves in traditional Myanmar food. In addition to traditional dishes, and tea shop in Myanmar also has sweet and savory cakes to sip with hot tea.

Indian tea shops often serve light snacks include cakes, bread with potato, toast bread. Meanwhile, the Chinese ones serve steamed dumplings or sweet baked cakes to sip with tea.

Drinking tea and enjoying the cake is a characteristic feature of the culinary culture of Myanmar.

Myanmar snacks

Unlike sweets in Western countries, sweets at Myanmar, also known as “muon”, are not used as desserts but become a snack with tea in the morning and in the afternoon of Myanmar people.

“Muon” doesn’t have much sugar, instead, the sweetness is derived from other ingredients such as coconut fiber, coconut milk, rice flour, and fruit.

Along with the cakes, these sweet snacks become an indispensable appetite for those who like to enjoy the tea.

Fried food

Burmese have a special passion for greasy food, so fried cakes of all sizes and shapes are the most popular food on the streets of Myanmar.

Fried rolls, donuts, and crisps are served with a sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind leaves making a deep impression on tourists.

Most of the cakes in Myanmar are made from glutinous rice flour. They mix flour with garlic, onion, and ginger which are pureed.

In addition, the powder is mixed with coconut fiber, sesame seeds, tomatoes and curry powder to make a variety of cakes.

Shan Tofu Noodles

Shan cuisine – a group of ethnic people in the North of Myanmar – attracts not only Burmese but also the visitors.

Shan stalls always stand out with large tofu blocks. The tofu here is made from yellow lentils and green beans instead of regular fermented soybeans. Tofu is usually served with hot or cold noodles in a bowl of soup and eat cold with salad.

Nan Gyi Thohk Noodle

Nan Gyi Thohk is a Myanmar dish consisting of rice noodle mixed with a special chicken curry served with broth. You can squeeze extra lemon to add sour taste. Nan Gyi Thohk is like Myanmar spaghetti noodles.

Mohinga fish noodles

It is a kind of noodles cooked in the fish soup considered as a traditional food in Myanmar. The main ingredients are chickpea flour, roasted ground rice and catfish cooked in broth and many spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, citronella and fish sauce.

Noodles of Shan people

The special noodle of the Shan ethnic group in northern Myanmar is the perfect combination of thin noodles and chicken, marinated pork, roasted sesame seeds and garlic flavor, served with sour vegetables and sour soup.

The mouth-watering flavor and eye-catching looks are the reason why Shan noodles become the first choice for many visitors to Myanmar.


These are the most delicious food for you when visiting this beautiful country. Try them and find the specialty of these food. For more information about vacation Indochina travel, you can visit our website. Share this article if it’s useful for you. Have a nice trip!


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