Wonderful Thailand all inclusive packages

Thailand is one of the wonderful and amazing countries in Southeast Asia. The country attracted tourists by stunning destinations and delicious cuisines which can make tourists fall in love in the first visiting. However, from April to September is considered as the peak season in Thailand. However, the time is summer season in the country, so the temperature is so high from 350C- 450C. Therefore, you don’t forget to bring sunscreen and hat to avoid sunburn and skin damage. Besides that, sunglasses are also a “must- have- item” for both the eye toy; even assist you with travel photos ultra-cool. In addition, in order to have wonderful Thailand all inclusive packages, tourists should spend time to read the post to focus on some useful things below

1 Costumes when going to temples and palaces

Thailand is known as the Buddhism country, so Thailand is the land of golden temples and palaces that everyone would like to visit. Therefore, if you have time to travel to Thailand, you can not miss wonderful temples in there but in order to visit the place, tourists have to pay attention to their clothes. For example, Summer Palace Vimanmek Mansion is an extremely lavish place, built for King Rama V to rest. To ensure sanctity, there are rules and regulations, and you need to pay attention to dress. You need to wear serious. The pants or skirts must be at least long over the head and not bundled, sealed and not axillary. When you go through checkpoints, if you do not wear the right dress you will not be allowed to visit the palace, or you will have to buy a Thai Sarong towel for around 100 baht. Besides, you will be asked to take off the shoes on the outside to go barefoot into the Palace. Therefore, for this “procedure” to be fast, you should wear sandals.


Similar with palaces, when visiting temples in Thailand, tourists are also required wear discreet, but if you miss miniskirts or shorts, some temples will have a place for you to borrow sweat cloth. To take the most initiative, you should bring a large thin towel when visiting these sanctuaries. In addition, you do not need to bring a camera or camera when visiting the temple for heavy luggage, because most temples do not allow photography.

2 Shopping aids

Besides wonderful destinations for traveling and amazing cuisines, Thailand is famous for a paradise of shopping. Therefore, when visiting Thailand, tourists can not miss shop activities because Thai products have reasonable price and good quality as well as rich. You can buy all things in the beautiful country such as souvenirs, electronics, shampoo, snacks Thailand and so on. There are many tourists who shop in excess of the money they carry, must borrow the guide, visa card or change the bath. Therefore, in order to make your shopping more manageable and reasonable, you should make sure that you have a list of items to buy, gift items, and a clear estimate of your expenses.

You do not forget to bring some sturdy bags in case your suitcase does not have enough storage space. Furthermore, at hotels in Thailand, there are usually automatic luggage scales that help the passenger to balance their excess baggage allowances. Therefore, during the shopping process, when you are faking a small amount in Thai pennies, remember to save or keep some 5bath coins.

Shopping aids
Shopping aids

3 Tips for bringing money

In addition to carrying suitcases, you should prepare a small bag with long straps to hold your wallet or phone when traveling in the city. You should do not put bags behind your back and should be worn in front of the chest to avoid theft. Visa will be very useful when you want to spend more than the amount of cash brought. Money should not be concentrated in one place. You should leave your visa card unassigned as a passport, always carry with you. Your income should be divided into two parts, one for the visa card holder, and one for the pockets or the pouch. You should choose to wear pants with deep pockets to prevent theft.

Besides the tips, if you want to know more information as well as tours in Thailand, you don’t forget to visit our website: Indochina Vacation to get more.

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