What to Do In Phnom Penh 2017

Phnom Penh is a wonderful destination in Cambodia. The place attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year because of amazing destinations. However, almost people concerns about where they should go and the best thing to enjoy, therefore, the post will show what to do in Phnom Penh.

1 Enjoy drinks in historical space

Phnom Penh is a city with many celebrities such as Jacqueline Onassis, Catherine Deneuve, Angelina Jolie and etc. and they all stay at the luxurious Raffles Hotel Le Royal. This hotel has witnessed many ups and downs in Cambodia’s history, even though it was a safe haven for journalists before the Khmer Rouge moved into the city in 1975.

Currently, Elephant Bar at Raffles Hotel Le Royal has become a frequent rendezvous point for many embassy staff as well as non-government staff working in Phnom Penh. At an additional cost of $ 12, the Elephant Bar is an ideal base for travelers to relax before exploring Phnom Penh.

Elephant Bar
Elephant Bar

2 Watch performing arts

At 7:00PM, visitors can visit the National Museum to see the unique Plaa Pakaa performances. When visiting there, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the traditional performances with admission of about $ 13.5 are unique, the dancers in traditional Cambodian dress will perform repertoire traditional rituals, as well as traditional musical instruments, are judged to be “hypnotized” by the listener.

3 Enjoy cuisine in Cambodia

Cambodian cuisine is not only known for its quality of food, but also its subtlety in choosing the most essential ingredients of herbs. An interesting address for dining is the Malis Restaurant, where guests will enjoy dinners in an outdoor romantic setting, by the lake and by the subtle light., Besides, guests can also visit the Common Tiger restaurant to enjoy a dinner on the terrace, with special dishes are decorated periodically such as coconut soup, chicken cooked cheese, delicious dishes made from sea bass and so on.

Enjoy cuisine in Cambodia
Enjoy cuisine in Cambodia

4 Relax and enjoy the night life

After enjoying dinner, Bar Sito on 240th Street will be the ideal choice for visitors to relax and feel the freshness of Phnom Penh nightlife. When visiting there, guests can choose to drink Martini Espresso or Negronis for about $ 5 and can comfortably dance to the vibrant music. If you are a fan of French culture, the Bouchon Wine Bar is a must-see not to miss, where you can have a glass of Médoc or Vodka martini. Besides that, tourists can also walk around exciting street of Phnom the Penh such as No.51 and No.178 street to feel the life in night.

5 Shopping at Center market

Going to the market and shopping for travel items is an experience that most travelers do not miss, and of course this experience is no exception for Phnom Penh tourists. Most visitors to Phnom Penh are Central Market, also known as New Market – an impressive architecture built in 1939. This market has just been upgraded in 2011, and sold a lot of items such as clothing, jewelry and handicrafts. If you travel a little further west, you will encounter the O ‘Russei three-level market, where you can buy everything from dry to high heels at a great price. In addition, the Russian market is also an interesting destination for you to “sing” the unique Buddha statues, or the kitchen utensils made of wood.

Shopping at Center market
Shopping at Center market

7 Visiting famous destinations

When walking around the central streets of Phnom Penh, visitors can easily see the monks begging for alms in orange robes, this is one of the beautiful features of Cambodian culture. Interestingly, the monks here are very interested in practicing English with tourists, as this is a way for visitors to understand deeply their life and culture. On the itinerary, visitors should also visit Wat Botum or Royal Palace, which attracts a large number of Phnom Penh tourists visit. In addition, walking through Neak Banh Teuk Park at dawn or sunset, is also the way to make you feel the most vibrant life of this place.

Besides these activities, tourists can enjoy a lot of wonderful destinations and activities during the trip in Cambodia. If you need more information, you can learn more at Indochina Vacation.

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