Useful Tips for Traveling in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is always one of the most attractive areas in Asia because of a fascinating mix of volcanoes, rainforests, rice fields, beaches and coral reefs. Furthermore, Southeast Asia is really the land contains many interesting and accessible things for those who travel alone or with friends. You can spend a day exploring the thousand year old Hindu relics and overnight on the beach; attending a Buddhist ceremony at dawn; relax at a beach with a hut or walk through the forest. Moreover, Southeast Asia is also known as the wonderful and cheap area in Asia for traveling, it is considered as the main reason why the place attractive a lot of tourists visiting each year. However, if you want to have a safe and amazing trip in there, you should refer to useful tips for traveling in Southeast Asia before traveling.

1 Pay attention to weather

Southeast Asia is located entirely in the tropics so the climate is characterized by hot and humid weather throughout the year, except for the two annual monsoons. However, each country has different climatic patterns, so before traveling remember to check the weather of the countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to ensure that you will have amazing an unforgettable trip in these countries.

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia

2 Explore wild destinations

If you don’t want to visit touristy destinations, Southeast Asia is the ideal choice for you with a thousand of wild destinations which you can spend time to explore. For example, you can visiting the often neglected city of Battambang in Cambodia, take a railroad when traveling in Thailand or explore the pristine south coast of Myanmar. Another way, you can visit wild beaches in Thailand and Vietnam which will bring new and interesting experiences for you.

3 Try street food

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s best and tasty food sold on street vendors – where you can try local specialties. Therefore, when visiting the area, you can not miss amazing street foods which will bring you different and interesting taste which you can not find in restaurants. Furthermore, night market is also the highlight point of the area with lists of street foods with delicious taste and cheap price.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

4 Plan to spend carefully

Southeast Asia is known as the cheap area, so your daily budget in Southeast Asia depends on where you are traveling. In fact, you can live with $ 20 a day in some countries, but for this amount you will only be sleeping in casual rooms, eating out at simple food stalls, and going by bus. Therefore, you should refer to other itineraries to make sure that your budget will bring unforgettable trip for you when visiting Southeast Asia’s countries.

5 Learn more about culture of local people

Culture is one of the most interesting thing with tourists when visiting new destination however some people always forget the thing. Therefore, when visiting new land with special culture such as Sapa people in Vietnam, Torjan of Sulawesi in Indonesia, you should spend time to visit and learn more about the special histories which will help you so much in future. Moreover, homestay in local people is also the ideal choice for you when learning more about culture.

6 Explore wild life

There are many things that keep you busy in Southeast Asia. You can participate in surfing in Indonesia; take a mountain biking tour in the Northern Mountains, Vietnam or explore the pristine bays and mysterious marshes on a kayak tour in Krabi, Thailand.

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia

7 Visit famous temples

South East Asia temples are the area’s most famous attractions. The Hindu Khmers leave a chain of beautiful relics and the most impressive of which can be seen in Angkor, Cambodia. Meanwhile, the most impressive legacy of Buddhism includes the ninth stupa in Borobudur, Indonesia or the plains with scattered temples of Bagan, Myanmar. Furthermore, Thailand is one of the “must-see” country if you want to explore amazing temples because the country is famous for golden temples. However, before visiting temple, you should take care of your clothes carefully because all temples have rules about clothes when visiting the temple.

8 Climbing

Every visitor should undertake a trekking trip to any country in Southeast Asia. Climb to the summit before dawn to see the sunrise from Mount Bromo, Indonesia or a two-day trip to Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia is the ideal activities for you.

9 Beautiful beaches

Beaches in Southeast Asia are some of the best in the world. Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia all have white sandy beaches, blue waters and wooden tents scattered along the coast. The tropical waters provide the best dive sites for novices, as well as seasoned divers.

Mergui island, Myanmar
Mergui island, Myanmar

10 Enjoy public transports

The public transport experience in Southeast Asia is a unique experience, having the opportunity to connect with local people. Joining the road between neighboring countries is also quite simple, as long as you have the necessary paperwork and patience.

Southeast Asia is amazing and beautiful area which always brings for tourists new and unforgettable things. Therefore, besides useful tips below, you also learn more about the best places for traveling in the area.

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