The Useful Tips for Thailand Vacation Packages

Thailand is an amazing country in Southeast Asia. The country is always known as the paradise of traveling, so almost tourists want to visit Thailand one time in their life. However, in order to have a wonderful and unforgettable trip in Thailand, you should spend the time to read the post, especially tips for Thailand vacation package with airfare.

1 Weather

From November to February is the most appropriate time in Thailand because the weather is less rainy and sunny. Tourism in the South is most beautiful from March to May. For the North, tourists should visit from November to February. Most tourists visit Thailand in December and August, less to May, June, and September.


2 Customs regulations

When arriving at Bangkok International Airport, tourists must write in the declaration of the amount of foreign currency brought, the offenders arrested and will be prosecuted. Exhibitors must not carry more than 50,000 baht (Thai currency) upon arrival and exit, nor be allowed to bring stolen items upon arrival, including those permitted to be brought into Thailand, but must also be limited. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to carry narcotic drugs or depraved cultural products. Entrants entering Thailand are only allowed to carry 1 liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes, 5 rolls of film and three video tapes. In addition, Thai customs also stipulates that people on entry are not allowed to carry rare animals and plants.

Moreover, Thai goods are very rich, mainly in supermarkets like Robinson, Pici in Bangkok. Note that goods of the same category with a total value of less than US $ 300 are exempt from duty (the value of goods prescribed by Vietnamese customs). Particularly the type of video tape that will be taken on hold will be held to check the culture. For visitors who bring a statue of a Buddha statue out of Thailand must have a permit from the National Art Management Thailand. There is a toll-free telephone exchange on the way to the airport to get to the airport management when there are unforeseen circumstances.

3 Transports

From Bangkok, there are routes to major cities of Thailand, the traffic here is not high quality and cheap. Therefore, you can easy to catch the best way for traveling. The major means of transport between Thailand’s cities are long-haul taxis. Tuktuk, lam dongo but before traveling, you should ask the driver about price and bargain. Furthermore, you should travel with group of people to share the car to avoid road loss, in case of lost; you can put the address of your hotel for the driver to return.


4 Currencies (Bath)

Trading in Thailand all pay in Bath, sellers have not accepted dollars. Furthermore, Thailand Bank did not change Thai currency in 1995. Moreover, you do not change money at the hotel because of low prices. When changing money, it is advisable to take a small amount of money to make it easy to spend. You should check the money carefully before leaving the counter.

5 Customary habits

– Festival: The biggest festival of Thailand is the “water splash”- Songkran festival and also the new year (according to the Thai calendar) (from 12-15 April) the tens of thousands of Buddhas (15/3).

– Buddhism: Thailand is called the country of Buddhism. Over 700 years, Buddhism has always been considered a national religion in Thailand. Under the reign of Sukhothai, a king made a monk’s ordination and became the historical tradition of Thailand. Therefore, there are a lot of golden and silver temples in Thailand, so visiting these temples are always the best choice for all tourists.

– Habits: Thai people have the habit of combing their hands in front of their chests, no need to shake hands or say goodbye. Furthermore, Thai people who are pointing their toes on others, rubbing their heads or touching others’ hands are considered not good intentions. Thai people think that the hands are noble, the left hand is not clean, so when donating souvenir to others, Thai people use their right hand to show respect. The girl must ask the son to offer gifts to the clergy.

Thailand is an expansive tourist attraction where visitors will have the opportunity to admire everything from bustling cities like Bangkok to the stunning beaches of Phuket, temples, and palaces all over the country. With a population of 60 million people, Thailand is known for its friendly smiles and friendly service. Therefore, if you want to spend time for traveling in Thailand, you can refer to the tour at Indochina Vacation to get amazing time in the beautiful country.

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