Top Things to Do in Laos

If you want to visit quiet and peace country, Laos is the best choice for you, the country attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year. With ancient architectural styles in unique Buddhist buildings throughout the country and pristine natural scenery, Laos’s tourism will surely give you the unforgettable feeling. Therefore, the post will show you top things to do in Laos for fisting time visiting.

1 Admire sunset in Mekong River by cruise

Laos is a famous country for amazing rivers which are considered as the soul of the country. Therefore, admire the beautiful sunset on cruise is will the ideal thing which you should do when visiting the country. Furthermore, you can also learn more about local life and history of the river when enjoying in cruise tour.

Admire sunset in Mekong River by cruise
Admire sunset in Mekong River by cruise

2 Wild beauty of Phongsaly

Phongsaly is a province in the northernmost part of Laos. It is not affected by the commercial activities that tourists can enjoy exploring the pristine beauty of the people as well as mountains and forests here.

3 Mysterious Plain of Jars

Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang in Laos is a place of mystery and a tourist attraction of Laos. No one can explain for sure why these strange jars are placed here. However, one assumption is that this is a way to bury the dead of the ancients from the Stone Age.

 Mysterious Plain of Jars
Mysterious Plain of Jars

4 Admire waterfalls in Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven is Highland in the northern Laos which is considered as the coffee paradise and beautiful waterfalls in forests. Therefore, visiting there for enjoy wonderful waterfalls and try a special and delicious cup of coffee will the ideal things for tourists. Almost waterfalls in there are very majestic, wide and multi-layered with a flood of alluvium flood flows very strong.

5 Luang Prabang- Ancient city

Luang Prabang is one of the most famous cities in Laos because of lists of wonderful and special temples. Therefore, a lot of tourists are attracted places by special architectures of temples and beautiful sites. Furthermore, Laos is known as the country with most people are Buddhist, so you will easily find an impressive temple on the road during your exploration trip. The best place to visit the temple system in Laos is Luang Prabang – ancient and beautiful heritage city.

6 Enjoy wonderful dishes in Laos

Highlights of the cuisine of Laos are fresh, simple processing but the taste is very rich and different. You can sample some of the most popular dishes such as Papaya Salad, Cheddar, Pho Lao, Vegetable Fat and etc. Due to the influence of France during the past war, almost dishes of Laos are served with bread. Furthermore, Lao beers are also worth a try.

Enjoy wonderful dishes in Laos
Enjoy wonderful dishes in Laos

7 Explore amazing caves in Vang Vieng

It can be said that Vang Vieng is a “paradise of discovery” that attracts millions of backpackers from all over the world. With beautiful scenery is considered the second most in Laos, the town along the Vang Vieng River where young people converge in the conquest of rapids or spectacular caves.

8 Enjoy trekking tour

Laos is covered by thick forests, so it will be an ideal place for those who love to walk through the jungle to challenge themselves. This is also an opportunity for tourists to explore remote villages with unique customs.

9 Shopping in Savannakhet

If you want to find the best place for shopping in Laos, Savannakhet is the best choice for you. Places like Savannakhet are famous for their old French-style boutiques that will be an interesting stop for shoppers.

 Shopping in Savannakhet
Shopping in Savannakhet

10 Beautiful Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang is a huge gilded stupa in the beautiful Vientiane capital, an important relic and a great pride for the people of the “Elephant Kingdom”. Built on an old Khmer temple in the 16th century, this great temple, despite the many ups and downs of its history, has always kept its architectural beauty as diverse as ever to cling to the traveler.

11 Explore the beauty of Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don is a large archipelago located in the southernmost tip of Laos, where the gentle Mekong flows through the Khone Falls before joining the great river in Cambodia. With 4,000 different small islands, Si Phan Don offers visitors beautifully painted watercolors.

12 Beauty of Wat Phou temple

Wat Phou is the oldest temple in Laos recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001. This ancient temple dates back to the 5th century, once the center of Hinduism, worshiping Shiva. Wat Phou is the oldest temple in Laos, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2001. This ancient temple dates back to the 5th century, once the center of Hinduism, worshiping Shiva. Moreover, Wat Phou is also called “Mountain Pagoda” because it is located at the foot of Mount Phou Kao (Mount Elephant), Champasak Province, about 670 km south of Vientiane.

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