Top places of interest in Laos tourists cannot miss

Laos is a peaceful country which attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. With ancient architecture in the unique Buddhist buildings throughout the country and wild nature scenery, Laos tourism will certainly give you the unforgettable feeling. We have gathered you 10 impressive Laos tourist sites that you should not miss when visiting this country in Indochina vacation packages.

Seeing Mekong River

The Mekong River, about 4.35 km long, is the largest river in Southeast Asia, originating in China and passing through five countries in the region, including Laos. If you travel to Laos in the dry months, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the two rivers from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. Visitors can also go further to view the river through the thick forest. Seeing the Mekong is one of the interesting experiences and also an impressive Lao tourism that visitors cannot ignore.

Luang Prabang – An impressive tourist destination

Luang Prabang is one of the favorite destinations for visitors when visiting this country. The mountain ranges covering the message and located right at the junction of the Mekong River and Nam Khan has made Luang Prabang have a majestic natural beauty, not fading over time. Not only that, Luang Prabang preserves ancient temples, though it has experienced many ups and downs in history.


With villas or hotels in Luang Prabang, the combination of sophistication between traditional French architecture and French style all make up both modern and ancient beauty. This uniqueness not only made Luang Prabang becomes an impressive tourist destination in Laos, but also a charming tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

Vang Vieng, the ideal tourist destination for backpackers

This is a small town located on the Nam Song River, which is considered a “discovery paradise” for young people who love the conquest of the rapids in the world. Here, you should rent a bicycle and travel the ancient cave, visit ancient villages and explore the culture of the people here.


Vang Vieng is an ideal tourist destination for young people to enjoy the peace and quiet atmosphere of Laos.

Muang Ngoi Neua – The mountainous tourist destination in Laos

Just an hour back up the blue river in northern Luang Prabang, visitors will admire the majestic mountains. The surrounding mountains and river carrying heavy alluvium have made Muang Ngoi Neua town serenely unexpected. If you are a mountaineering and walking enthusiast, this must be an impressive mountainous tourist destination in Laos.

Discover the beauty of Si Phan Don

A vast archipelago of flowing Mekong has created a Si Phan Don with 4,000 large islands. It is considered to be one of the largest islands located in the southernmost tip of Laos. Although a country without the sea, nature is favorable for Laos Si Phan Don a beautiful soul. With its lush greenery and winding meandering waterfalls, visitors will be separated from the rest of the world. Small islands rise up like small boulders on a flat river surface. This is also the home of the famous freshwater dolphin. It is this uniqueness that Si Phan Don has become an impressive Lao tourism destination. It is also famous in the world.

Admire the beauty of Pha That Luang

Coming to Vientiane, visitors will be able to admire Pha That Luang gilded stupas, an attractive Lao tourism destination and a pride of the people. The tower is built on an old Khmer temple platform with a variety of architecture and prominence by Pha Louang Luang is truly a unique Lao tourism destination that visitors should not miss.

Bokeo Nature Reserve – the ideal eco-tourism destination

This is where almost all rare animals live and the green rainforest canopy cover. And most importantly when visitors come here is to live in the tree house, to experience the feeling of cable travel between the houses together or to wander on the monkey bridge. This unique wilderness makes the Bokeo Nature Reserve become an impressive Lao tourism destination that is extremely attractive to tourists.

Tham Kong Lo, the most interesting Lao siren attractions

Where the Nam hun Bun River flows through 7km and the cliffs over 90m high, Tham Kong Lo is extremely mysterious and no less scary. The inside of the cave is the old stalactite pillars. Hang is relatively dark so when you intend to travel Tham Kong Lo, you should fully recharge the battery and ask the local people or guides to visit.

See the world-famous Kuang Si Waterfall

This is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Kuang Si is only about 50 meters wide from top to bottom, while down to create the steps separating the perfect natural swimming pool. The lakes created by this waterfall are as green as jade, so visitors can soak themselves and feel the wild, cool nature of the forest here. With this unique and enchanting beauty, Kuang Si Waterfall is one of the most impressive Lao tourism destinations that you cannot miss while visiting this elephant country.

Lao Vieng Xai – Laos historical landmarks

Vieng Xai is one of the most spectacular underground works in the world, was built in Hua Phan province in the 1960s. This is an important base to hide during the war years in Laos. This base is a “Vietnamese tunnel”, but relatively wide. Inside the vaults, there are military camps, cinemas, hospitals, and shops.This particular staff attracts many tourists every year in Vieng Xai. This is an impressive historical Laos tourist destination.


Peaceful and small country Laos is an attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia because it also contains many wild beauties that people have not discovered all. Hopefully, this information will help you orient in your Laos Indochina tours. You guys have a fun trip!

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