Top 9 “Must-Try” Dishes in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of the wonderful destinations in Vietnam. The place attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year with amazing places for traveling. Besides that Hanoi is also known as the places of special and traditional dishes of Vietnam. It is the reason why there are a lot of tourists wanting to visit the place one time to enjoy delicious foods in there. Therefore, the post will introduce what food to eat in Hanoi for travelers.

1 Pho- the featured cuisine of Hanoi

When talking about the famous foods in Hanoi, you can not forget to Pho which is the traditional food of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. In fact, Pho is a general dish of Vietnam, so you can eat the special food at any place through Vietnam. However, if you want to enjoy the original flavor of the dish, Hanoi Old Quarter is the ideal choice for you. The place is considered as the origin of Pho. Pho of Hanoi has many kinds including beef pho in Lo Duc stress, chicken noodle soup in Quan Thanh and Ton Duc Thang.  Each type of Pho has their own unique flavors but they are very delicious and attractive. If you visit Hanoi but not enjoy Pho, as never before to Hanoi, Pho is a dish when traveling to Hanoi you should enjoy.

Pho- the featured cuisine of Hanoi
Pho- the featured cuisine of Hanoi

2 Bun Cha- Delicious dish of Hanoi

Bun Cha is considered a familiar dish of Hanoians, receiving a lot of praise from visitors and shortlisted list of 10 best street foods in the world. Bun Cha of Hanoi has bold traditional flavor and characteristic taste. Enjoy spicy sauce seasoning with delicious sauce served with tangled noodles mixed with crispy green papaya that visitors have to admire and appreciate. Furthermore, the dish is becoming more famous and popular when USA President- Black Obama enjoys the dish while visiting Vietnam.

3 Bun Thang- Hanoi traditional foods

Bun Thang is a simple dish of the Hanoi people but it is very awesome. The main ingredients of the noodle ladder consist of chopped chicken breast, sliced yolks, thinly fried chicken eggs served with noodle. Perhaps the attraction of the noodle ladder is the combination of the pink color of the silk, the yellowish white of the meat and yellow egg yolks. For food connoisseurs Hanoi, you can not ignore noodle ladders. Bun Thang is not only famous for amazing taste; it also attracted tourists by beautiful shape.

Bun Thang- Hanoi traditional foods
Bun Thang- Hanoi traditional foods

4 West Lake shrimp cake- Delicious dishes from seafood

Shrimp cake is an expensive dish of the Capitalist people and a simple and special food of Ha Thanh people. Shrimp cake should be enjoyed while still hot will feel the crunchy and shrimp is not fishy, eat with the sauce is sour, sweet and spicy with melon to make dishes less dainty

5 Cha Ca La Vong- Typical dishes of Hanoi people

A long-standing dish made from Lang fish, today’s rare fish is often made of fish. Cha Ca eat when the dish is still hot; it brings the delicious taste. The dish is served with multi-baked cake, vermicelli, herbs and pours water fat. Cha Ca La Vong is better to eat with shrimp sauce, but you can also replace with fish sauce. Furthermore, Old Quarter is the best place for enjoying the special food.

6 Spring Roll Thanh Tri- the familiar dish of Hanoi people

Spring rolls are simple, familiar and not sophisticated but it is delicate as Hanoi people and Thanh Tri spring cake is like a charming cuisine of the period. Thanh Tri rolls are skillfully coated into thin layers served with sauces and sprinkles and herbs. It is possible to say that anyone can enjoy the Thanh Tri cake, which is suitable for all ages and sexes. Furthermore, it is the famous dish for breakfast of local people. Therefore, if you have time to visit Hanoi, you should enjoy the dish in morning.

Spring Roll Thanh Tri- the familiar dish of Hanoi people
Spring Roll Thanh Tri- the familiar dish of Hanoi people

7 “Com” Cake in Vong Village- The special gift from nature

The fresh green color of the cereal along with the scent of sweet scent has created the charm of Vong Village. It can be said that cereal cake is a quintessence of Hanoi people from many generations which are often encountered in the ceremony. If you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi once should enjoy the special gift of Vong Village.

8 Noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste

It can be said that noodle with fried tofu and shrimp taste is one of the featured dishes of Hanoi. It is a combination of fresh soft platters, fried tofu with savory shrimp sauce, fatty greens and herbs. Hanoi noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste is famous for eating too much along the road, perhaps this is the distinguishing feature of the sale of shrimp paste noodles.

9 Grilled pig’s trips in Gam Cau street

Grilling pig’s trips is a novelty but it is very attractive. Together, sit on the pink kitchen to grill and enjoy on the spot the crisp, crisp stomach fragrant dots with chili sauce diluted with spicy flavor is great.

Here are nine dishes when traveling to Hanoi you should try to enjoy and feel the essence of the cuisine of the capital. Not only will you have a relaxing moment on your trip but you will also learn more about the country’s cuisine. Furthermore, if you want to know more information for traveling in Hanoi, Indochina Vacation will help you.

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