Tips for Traveling by Train to Sapa from Hanoi

Sapa is one of the “must-see” destinations in the north of Vietnam. When visiting Sapa, tourists can admire a lot of wonderful and amazing place for traveling. Furthermore, there are two main ways to get Sapa but traveling by train is becoming more popular and is one of the ideal choices of tourists. In fact, traveling by train will more expensive than traveling by bus but it brings safety feeling for tourists. However, if it is the first time traveling by the means, you should refer to the post to know necessary and useful tips for traveling by train to Sapa to Hanoi.

Train to Sapa from Hanoi
Train to Sapa from Hanoi

There is more than one way to visit Sapa from Hanoi such as motorbike, car, and train. However, one of the most safety and saving is a train because when traveling by train, tourists will have a chance to admire the beauty of nature and new experiences with the train. Furthermore, in order to meet requirements of tourist, the transport units have made the train refurbished and improved significantly in terms of quality and service will give customers the feeling of great comfort and relaxation during the journey from Hanoi to Sapa. Moreover, when traveling by train, tourists can easy to choose the time for traveling as well as set in mind about departure time, travel time and arrival time of the trip. Traveling to Sapa by train will bring you much more convenience, and safer than other means. However, to ensure a safe and smooth ride, when traveling by train you need to note the following points.

  • You should determine the departure time to actively buy train tickets early to choose the location with the cheap price. If you want to travel Sapa on a weekend, then you should buy tickets and depart Friday night to save time.
  • Depending on the needs of the hobby as well as financial resources that you choose for the seats in the corresponding car suits you most you can choose for yourself car seats, hard chair air conditioning, air-conditioned car seats or bed linen. The distance from Hanoi to Lao Cai is more than 300 km and if you travel by train it takes about 8 hours.
  • On the current carriages also provide a full range of food services but it is usually available at meal time, however, for convenience and enjoys the dishes you love you can prepare yourself a little food and take home from home.
  • When traveling by train you should also bring your luggage to the lightest because from the entrance to the ship is quite far, so carry small luggage to ease the move.
  • When you sit on the train for many hours, you will feel tired, it is normal for you to move to a number of carriages or to shop for snacks in the supermarket to be more relaxed. Furthermore, in the train, there is also a toilet which is usually at the end of the car. However, when the train stops at the stations, the toilet will be locked if you can use it now. The toilets at the station are also relatively airy and clean.
Train to Sapa from Hanoi
Train to Sapa from Hanoi

When visiting Sapa, you not only have the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery beautiful nature has given in this place but also you have the opportunity to explore the special culture of ethnic people. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy the delicious dishes of Sapa delicacies of this land, participate in festivals or simply explore the everyday life of the people here.

The above is a note number when traveling Sapa by train that Indochina Vacation would like to share with readers. If you want a trip without having to worry about any problems during the trip you can buy tours of reputable travel companies. Please visit the website of to quickly get the cheap tours Sapa surprisingly high-quality tour services guaranteed during your travel itinerary.

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