The Attractive Destinations in Summer’s Days in Asia

Asia is becoming more popular and attractive to tourists because there are a lot of wonderful destinations and amazing cuisines as well. Furthermore, it is also ideal destinations for summer’s days. Therefore, if you are looking for the wonderful destinations for a family trip in the summer, you should check out Asia. The post will introduce beautiful and amazing countries in Asia for traveling in summer.

1 Thailand

Thailand always stays on the top of the list of destinations should visit in Asia because the country is known as tourism country with open- services and wonderful places for visiting. When visiting the country, tourists always feel like staying their home because of friendly and lovely local people. Furthermore, Thailand is considered as the cheap country for visiting in Asia. Visiting Thailand, tourist can visit famous places such as Golden Buddha Temple, Summer Palace, Nongnooch Cultural Village, Siracha Tiger Zoo, Safari World Zoo and beautiful Pattaya Beach with loads of fun activities. Moreover, if you do not travel on your own, you can easy to book promotion tours in there to know more information and book as well.


2 Singapore

Lion Island is always friendly with green environment, clean and beautiful. When visiting there, tourists will have chance to admire the beauty of nature at Garden By The Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Sea Lion Park and the most spectacular Asian water show on Sentosa Island. Furthermore, if you visit the island country in summer, it is sale time in the country, so you can comfortable for enjoying shopping in there. There are a lot of fashion items, cosmetics, electronics and a wide range of well-known brand name products are up to 70% off. Therefore, the country is suitable for anyone who wants to spend the time to relax or enjoy shopping malls.

3 Malaysia

If you are looking for the wonderful country with unique architectures in summer, Malaysia is the best choice for you. Kuala Lumpur capital is famous for the world’s tallest twin tower of Petronas, combines the splendor of modern architecture with Islamic architecture. Besides that, cuisines in Malaysia are also the most attractive things with tourists when visiting there.


4 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered as the shopping paradise, so there are a lot of tourists choose the destinations for summer’s day trip because of sale products. Furthermore, Hong Kong is a harmonious blend of East-West cultures. Going to Hong Kong, you will be overwhelmed by the skyscrapers, the busy shopping streets around the clock and the fabulous Disneyland. Moreover, Hong Kong cuisine is diverse and rich in both quantity and quality, from the media to the unique and the weird.

5 Korea

If you have time and chance to enjoy a drama of Korea, surely that you will want to visit the country at one time at least in your life because destinations in there are so attractive and beautiful. Therefore, when visiting the place, tourists can not miss wonderful destinations such as the Kyong-bok Royal Palace is hundreds of years old, Everland Park – one of the world’s 10 most exciting recreational areas. In addition, you can not miss beautiful islands in there such as Jeju island which is one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world, the poetic island Nami. Traditional cuisines in the country are also the most attractive things with tourists because of unique and special features.


6 Vietnam

Vietnam is considered as one of “must-see” countries in Asia in summer. Travel Vietnam is always an ideal destination for domestic and international tourists with many beautiful landscapes stretching from north to south including Sapa, Halong, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi an, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc and etc. Travel services are increasingly focused on investment and improvement, contributing to building the image of tourism in Vietnam increasingly beautiful in the eyes of tourists. Furthermore, Vietnam is famous for cheap service and friendly local people, so there are a lot of tourists choosing the country for traveling. In addition, street foods and traditional foods in there are always the impressive things of the lands. You can spend more than a week to travel from the north to the south of the country.

Besides the beautiful countries, Asia has wonderful and amazing countries which will make you fall in love in the first time visiting such as Indonesia, China and so on. However, when you want to visit somewhere, you should spend the time to learn more about necessary things to visit and refer to tour if you want to book tour.


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