When is the suitable to visit Myanmar

Myanmar has been a poor country since it was an embargo for a long time. But when the economy has officially opened, Myanmar becomes an attractive destination for tourists. “When is the best time travel Burma” is a very popular question for tourists when planning their holiday to Myanmar. Therefore, you should have information about the weather and climate there to prepare well for your Burma Indochina tours.

General information about Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia which shares the border with China, Thailand, India, and Laos. People here are very friendly and gentle. Most people in Myanmar are Buddhist, so there are a lot of temples here. Therefore, this is a great destination for Buddhist belief.


Currently, Myanmar is considered as one of the big countries with numerous famous tourist destinations. It has a long diamond terrain with 925 kilometers long stretching from east to west and 2100 kilometers from north to south. It is also home to the Irrawaddy River that runs through the center of the city for which created a plain on the south coast.

Weather in Myanmar

Myanmar is contiguous to the Indian Ocean. The geographical location brings Myanmar monsoon climate with three main seasons: dry season, rainy season and cold season. The hottest time in Myanmar is usually from February to May. From May to October, there is almost no rain and the rainfall is very little. The cold weather usually starts from October to February next year.


With the majority of the area lying between the Northern Tropics and the Equator, Myanmar’s climate is characterized by Asian monsoons. The average rainfall in areas is extremely different, coastal areas with an average rainfall of 5,000 mm / year and plain ones are nearly 2,500 mm / year. At the same time, the central part of Myanmar is less than 1,000 mm / year.

Temperatures in areas are also changing from north to south. The northern regions carry a rather cool climate, with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, while the coastal and delta regions average temperatures are about 32 degrees Celsius.

Suitable time to visit Myanmar

There are three seasons in Myanmar. The autumn starts from October to February next year which is ideal for traveling. The rainy season starts from July to September. In Yangon, it rains all day while in Bagan and Mandalay, it rains less. From November to February, a lot of visitors travel to Myanmar due to the cool weather. In May, July and September there are fewer tourists. Everything in the peak season is more expensive, so if you want to save money, you should not go there at that time.


In the central and northern regions, representatives are the capital Naypyidaw and the ancient capital Mandalay, it doesn’t have much rain all year round and the sun is very harsh. You can see it by the way that people here apply sunscreen on their face impressively.


However, traveling to any part of Myanmar, you should also prepare thin jackets and windbreakers which are resistant to rain. You can buy lightweight at the tourist. In Myanmar, you will find these shirts which are useful during night walks, when the rain comes or goes, on the plane, on the bus or on the road.

The best time to visit Myanmar is the autumn ( from November to February). It’s considered as the most beautiful season here.

When is the festival time in Myanmar?

Taking part in the festival is also a reason for tourists when traveling. Visitors often choose to visit temples or beaches in October in Myanmar. At this time, the weather in Myanmar is cool in the day and a bit cold at night so you should bring your coat and scarf.

There are a lot of interesting festivals in October, especially Thadinguyt. This festival usually lasts three full days, on the full moon of the Thadingyut calendar (around mid-October) to commemorate the return of the Buddha to the world after the end of three months of preaching. This is the most attractive Myanmar’s festival.

During the days of the festival, people decorate their houses and the streets are full of lights. They carry out various activities to raise money for charities. Amateur bands or professional art troupes perform all day on the street. In particular, children often bring candles and small gifts to the elderly to show their respect.


October is the peak season in Myanmar, so you should prepare for the accommodation, plane ticket, vehicles for traveling before you go.


Here are some of our suggestions to help you choose the best time traveling to Myanmar. But it can be said that whether traveling to Myanmar at any time of the year, visitors can still find the ideal tourist attractions which are suitable for the climate there.
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