Southeast Asia – Have to Go Before Die!

Southeast Asia is always one of the most attractive areas in the world by wonderful destinations and safe area for traveling. Therefore, there are a lot of tourists choosing the area for enjoying their trip. However, if you do not have time to traveling all places in the area, you should refer to best places which you have to travel before dying below.

1 Kep, Cambodia

This coastal city was once the most famous luxury resort of French colonialism in the early 1900s. This coastal city was once the most famous luxury resort of French colonialism in the early 1900s. The beautiful stretches of beach, fresh air, and beautifully landscaped natural surroundings are the lesser known attractions.


2 Luang Prabang, Laos

Located at the confluence of the Mekong and the Nam Khan River in northern Laos, The old capital of Laos is famous for its Buddhist temples, Buddhist monasteries, and monks who go begging around the city. It is the reason why the place is one of the most attractive destinations and attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year to visit famous and imposing temples. When visiting there, Visitors can shop in the old town, visit temples or admire the waterfalls and elephant ride are also interesting options when coming to this ancient capital. Furthermore, you can rent a bike to visit the place to admire the natural beauty and admire sunset as well.

3 Pai town, Thailand

Pai town located in Mae Hong Son in the northern Thailand, It is pretty town surrounded by high mountains all year, and the climate is mild and pleasant. You can easily explore the waterfalls and hot springs if you have the opportunity to come here.

4 Ifugao, Philippines

The magnificent beauty of the Ifugao terraces on Luzon Island has always attracted tourists from all over. Occurred 2000 years ago, the Ifugao people still use traditional tools in their farming. Therefore, when visiting the place, you can enjoy farmer’s experiences in there to know the way to farm in there.

4 Mergui island, Myanmar

This is a chain of hundreds of unspoiled tropical islands on the Andaman Sea. Tourists can take part in kayaking trips or sail through the clear blue waters, and if you are lucky enough to meet local people, with all your life. The whole thing going on boat and earning a living is scooping pearls

Mergui island, Myanmar
Mergui island, Myanmar

5 Kampong Ayer, Brunei

This is the largest floating village and ancient in Brunei over 600 years old. The most particularly attractive to tourists in this village is that despite its small size, it is full of schools, gas stations, markets and administrative offices. In order to come here and travel here, you have to use wooden boats, if anyone loves the countryside scene this will be a great experience.

6 Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This one of the most scenic hills in Southeast Asia, hotels and guest houses for tourists are located at the foot of the mountains. Discover Cameron Plateau in summer is an ideal choice to avoid the harsh heat and enjoy a fresh and cool atmosphere. When visiting there, tourists can visit tea processing plants, before sitting comfortably beside the smoky teacups and holding the endless green hills.

7 Bagan, Myanmar

The temples are the most prominent feature in the city of Bagan, Myanmar. It is home to one of the densest Buddhist sites in the world. A hot air balloon watching the scenery of the temples soaking in the soft sunshine at the end of the day is a travel experience that anyone would want to try once in a lifetime.


8 Borobudur, Indonesia

Located on Java Island, 40 km northwest of Yogyakarta, Borobudur is the largest and most famous temple in the world. This is not only an admirable wonder of Indonesia but also one of the greatest and most valuable architectural works of the Buddhist world and of mankind.

9 Phu Yen, Vietnam

It is considered as the new destination in Vietnam, so most tourists don’t know much about the land but it really is the paradise in the life and the gift of nature giving for Vietnam. When visiting the place, tourists can enjoy both beautiful sea and stunning mountains.

In fact, each place will bring to tourists different feelings, but if you are too busy with works, you should spend the time to visit these places one time to admire the beauty and relaxing air in there.

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