“Skyscraper” in Indochina – An interesting mountain climbing destination

The skyscraper in Indochina is the mountain of Fansipan in Lao Cai province, the highest peak in Indochina. It is like the “roof of Indochina”. Fansipan belongs to Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 9 km from Sa Pa town to the southwest and formed 260-250 million years ago. At present, the mountain of Fansipan is 3,143m high and is being nominated as one of the top 5 high mountains that attract a lot of tourists in Vietnam.

About Fansipan – the “Skyscraper” in Indochina

Fansipan is a mountainous region with extremely rich flora, with nearly 1,700 species, divided into seven groups and some rare species. At the foot of the mountain are the rice and jackfruit with a relatively thick density to create sites such as Coc Leu (Coc Gạo), Coc San (Coc Mit).


The Fansipan peak is the meeting point for tourists who love climbing. This mountaintop can be carried out through professional or self-guided tours with the guidance of the indigenous Mong and Dao ethnic groups.


Do you want to conquer Mount Fansipan? Climbers have 3 ways to choose: the road through Cat Cat village, the road through Xin Chin village and the road through the O Qui Ho Pass. Climbers often choose the road through Cat Cat village with a journey of 4 days and 3 nights.


Up to 2000m high, it is very cloudy clouds and the feet seem to touch the clouds. But up to about 5, 6 hundred meters, the sky becomes clear and the temperature is low and very cold. The highest point of the mountain has a 70cm high stainless steel pyramid, which is a relic of the Russian and Germany athlete who set up in 1984.


The spiritual cultural community in Fansipan peak area with many wonders is an attractive destination for visitors to the cross.


The rattan field, Dai Hong Chung tower is prominent in the blue sky and white clouds. The 35m high, vertical layout with the eight-storey bell tower is one of the impressive landmarks in the Fansipan spiritual culture.


From the rattan yard, go through the gate of the monument which is made of monolithic stone, step up 80 stone steps, visitors will visit the sacred pagoda complex.


Bringing the style of Tran architecture, Bich Van Thien Tu (Bich Van pagoda) is located at an altitude of 2900m, bringing tourists and Buddhists immersed into a space of meditation.


Through Bich Van Thien Tu, stepping on the stone steps, visitors will be amazed by a new spiritual “wonder”. The bronze statue of Amitabha Buddha with the height of 21.5m at the elevation of 3000m is created with the most modern technology in Vietnam.


This is not a common casting statue, which is made up of thousands of 5 mm thick copper sheets processed in place, clad in a steel frame structure with a volume of nearly 1000m3.


From the Buddha statue, follow the path of Arhat, as if walking in the Wonderland. The hundred-year-old rhododendron trees stretched out on the aisle, blazing their bubbles, and waiting only to blaze with gold.


At the end of the Arhat Road, visitors are shown 18 Arhat statues with different postures and facial expressions in the cast bronze with a height of 2.5m (standing statue) and 2m (sitting statue). Each statue weighs up to 500kg.

The Arhat Road leads visitors to the soul of Kim Son Bao Thang. Constructed according to the architecture of the Tran dynasty. The folds and the stupa in the population look like it grows from the rock.


The statue of Quan Yin, 9m high, resides on a rock rising high up the clouds floating. Standing in front of the spiritual meditation itself, all sorrows suddenly dissolve, giving way to the optimism.

The itinerary to conquer Fansipan

Previously, from Sapa to the peak of Fansipan and return, it took about 5-6 days. Now the total time of climbing is only 3 days, even 2 days or with the expert and good health can be done in one day. Fansipan mountain climbing trip is the most popular 3 days 2 nights.


On the first day, a climber from the ranger station on the top of Tram Ton pass and begin trekking from there, through the mountains, and stop at a 1,900m elevated location next to the stream. The mountaineers will camp, cook and stay overnight here. On the second day from the campsite the night before, tourists will climb to the peak of Fansipan at the height of 3143m and lunch break on the top, this is the hardest route in the whole journey. After lunch and resting, visitors start down the mountain back to camp on Monday night. On the third day, they moved to return to Sapa in another way. There will be visitors pick up at the foot of the mountain to Sapa.


Interestingly, while climbing the mountain, visitors will see the majestic mountains, mesmerizing mountains, beautiful flowers, violet orchids, violet flowers, and bright yellow vines… and especially touching bamboo shoots, picking firewood to make fire and cook in a group. The climate in the mountains is good but at night, the temperature is low, sometimes it is light rain, so be careful to keep warm to avoid colds.


Because climbing with a height of over 3,000m and the road to the destination must take 3 days. The climbers need to be in good health and equipped with a full range of climbing equipment such as climbing shoes, raincoats, tents, sleeping bag, personal medicine, and candy to increase blood glucose. It is important to limit the number of personal belongings that are too light to climb.


From September to March, Fansipan mountaineering tours are usually held. But if wanting to see the beautiful side of the road to the top of Fansipan, visitors should choose Vietnam Indochina tours around the end of February, when the mountain flowers began to bloom very beautiful.


These nominees will continue to receive the votes of the record community, travel companies, domestic and foreign tourists. And will be published by the Vietnam Record Center in July 2013.
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