How to Plan a Trip to Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country in Southeast Asia with wonderful and beautiful destinations. Furthermore, the country is known as the best country for all tourists visiting there where anyone can find the ideal destination for their own, especially women because Thailand is also considered as a shopping paradise with a lot of products from luxury brands to normal brands. Therefore, traveling to Thailand is considered as the desire of all visitors. Therefore, there are a lot of people have a question that how to plan the best trip in Thailand. You can feel better because the post will show you the tips and useful information for having a wonderful and unforgettable trip in Thailand.

1 Prepare your passport and visa before traveling to Thailand

Thailand is known as the King of traveling in Southeast Asia, so almost tourists visiting Thailand will have 3 weeks free visa in the country for traveling by flight and 15 days for traveling by road.

Therefore, if you love Thailand too much and want to spend more time in there,  You have to apply tourist visas issued by Thai consular offices abroad are valid for 60 days, which must be valid for a period of three months from the date of issue and may be extended.


2 Thai currencies

Thai currency is Baht. US $ 1 is equivalent to about 30 Thai baht. Thai denominations are denominated in 1,000 baht, 500 baht, 100 baht, 50 baht, 20 baht, and the dong is 10 baht, 5 baht, 1 baht and the coins are 50 Satang and 25 Satang. At hotels, restaurants and a number of shops, they accept tourists to Thailand to pay international credit cards. However, you should remember that Thai tourists are allowed to bring in duty-free cigarettes of 200 cigarettes and one liter of wine or spirits. Furthermore, weapons, drugs, pornography are strictly prohibited. Note that bringing in cash of over 10,000 Baht will be required upon entry, and no one is allowed to carry over 50,000 Baht in cash. Moreover, antiques and Buddha statues are the real goods that require export permits.

3 Do not wear “cool” clothes when going to the temple

As you know, Thailand is known as the home of golden and silver temples. Therefore, when visiting Thailand, tourists can not miss beautiful and wonderful temples. Because of a lot of temples in there, the number of religious people is very large. Furthermore, people here devote Buddhism. Therefore, although young people can now dress according to their preference, when going to the pagoda must pay attention to dress neatly, especially the women should not wear short skirts, shorts and makeup too flashy in the worship place.


4 Do not speak ill and have a disdainful attitude about the King and Royal

When you come to Thailand, you absolutely must not have the act of encouragement or disdain when talking about the King and Royal Thai. This is not just about culture but about the law. Every Thai person has respect and admiration for the King and Royal. If you land in Thailand, you will see many pictures of the king and his family even when he was young; some pictures are present at the airport, on the billboards on the highways.

5 Do not touch the monk body

About 90% of Thai people are Buddhists so you should not mess with the Buddha and the monk. At the same time, no matter how much you like taking pictures should not take next to the Buddha statue. Moreover, women’s touching the monks is taboo in this country. Should you remember carefully women, avoid close contact with the monks. If a woman wants to give something to a monk, they must pass through a man.


6 Do not rub people’s head

Thai people said that the head is the highest place on the body. Therefore, the action of rubbing the head or touching the head of another person is considered rude, whether it is with children or not.

Hope that after reading the post, you will have an overview look at Thailand. If you want to know more information and book tour as well, you can check out Vacation to get more.

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