Necessary Information about Laos

Besides Vietnam and Thailand, Laos is also one of wonderful and beautiful countries in Southeast Asia with amazing landscapes and delicious cuisines. When visiting the country, tourists can not miss magnificent temples, gorgeous waterfalls, and unique Buddha statues, friendly and hospitable smiles of the local people. Furthermore, from Laos, tourists can easy to transfer to other countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia. In addition, the price for transfer to Laos and traveling around the country are quite cheaper than other countries, so it is the reason why Laos is always the attractive country in Southeast Asia, especially young people.

Although the country is known as the safe and easy to visit, you should refer to necessary information or tips for traveling to the country to avoid bad situation and have unforgettable trip in there.


1 Weather

The climate of Laos is the tropical climate of the monsoon area with two distinct seasons including rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November, followed by the dry season from December to April next year which can also be considered as the best time to travel to Laos, at this time, the temperature Average about 150C- 300C. Moreover, if you have chance to Vietnam in summer, you will remember that the summer of Lao have temperature higher than Vietnam so much.

2 Transferring

In Laos, the means of transport are mainly tuk tuk and pickup trucks. However, if you want to transfer by the means, you must prepare your hats, masks, sunglasses, suits (for summer) and gloves to protect yourself. Furthermore, you should prepare a good sport shoe because you will have to walk much to save money when traveling destinations in there. Moreover, if you travel with a group of tourists, you can negotiate to reduce price when traveling or rent bike to visit which will have you save money. In addition, you should learn more about destination and the way to transfer to the place to avoid spend much money for transfer.

3 Currencies

Laotians are relatively benign and easy-going, and in tourist destinations they accept the use of different currencies such as Kip (Laos), Baht (Thai) and USD (US). Therefore, you don’t need to change money in Laos, but you can easy to change money at banks or golden stores in the country if you need.


4 Places to visit

Vientiane capital

The capital of the Lao kingdom with unique historical monuments has a fascinating appeal to visitors of the cross. If you have been to Vientiane, you can not miss the opportunity to visit the unique place here.

Patuxay Arc de Triomphe

Featured on Lane Xang Boulevard is the Patuxay Arc de Triomphe, formerly known as Anou Savary. The Arc de Triomphe is located between the border of Vientiane City and That Luang area. The Anou Savary was built in 1958, the lower and the lower part of the Arc de Triomphe imitate in Paris, but the upper and lower parts of the architecture are typical of Laos. Standing on the highest floor of Anou Savary, we can see the Vientiane panorama. Therefore, it is wonderful destination for admiring the beauty of Vientiane

Wat Phra Keo Temple

Visiting Phra Keo Pagoda, tourists will feel like entering the “world of art” by the sculptures, carvings and rare objects are inlaid with gold, silver and jade shimmering color. Phra Keo Temple is not only a statue of Buddha, but also a museum showing many works of Lao religious art. In Vientiane, Wat Phra Keo is an important and famous temple just after That Luang.

Wat Phra Keo Temple

Xieng Khuang

Xieng Khuang and the mystery of the field are the reason that travelers all over the world want to once come here to explore. Xieng Khuang also attracts tourists by the pristine landscape, fresh nature and primitive.

Plain of Jars

The place is one of famous historical destinations in Laos which almost tourists want to visit one time when visiting Laos. Located nearby Kham Muon city on Xieng Khuang highland, there are thousands of stone jars lay scattered throughout the field. Archaeologists believe that these jars are dated to 1500 to 2000 years, and that there are many mysterious legendary stories surrounding it that do not yet have an explanation satisfying those who are curious. Another reason that field jams became famous is that this was the most fierce battlefield during the anti-American war of three Indochinese countries that remains remnant now also surprised many people.


When visiting the place, tourists will surprise before the development of the city and the influence of the economy. Therefore, Savanakhet is also an attractive tourist destination with famous historical landmarks that you can not miss when visiting Laos.


That Ing Hang Stupa

Located far the center of Savanakhet 15km in the northeast, the place is considered as the wonderful destination after Wat Phu-Champasak in the south of Laos. That Ing Hang was restored and expanded into a large population in 1548; it is the same time that That Luang. Every year there is a festival held loudly during the full moon day of the third month of Laos. That Ing Hang is a famous tourist destination with many pilgrims visiting here. When visiting the place, visitors can see tattoos; the monk chanting and the column just pray good luck, bless your journey.

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