Must-try dishes when travelling to Hanoi

Hanoi is one of the most attractive destinations with thousand years of history and civilization. Not only is famous for its beautiful landscapes, Hanoi is also well-known for its amazing cuisine. These are top must-try dishes in Hanoi when taking north Vietnam tour package.

Pho – The symbol of Hanoi cuisine


When one talks about Hanoi’cuisine, it’s deficient if we don’t mention Pho – a specialty of Hanoi for many years. There is a variety of Pho such as pho bo (beef noodles in Lo Duc), pho ga (chicken noodles in Quan Thanh, Ton Duc Thang), pho ap chao ( Bat Dan) or pho cuon ( rolls noodles in Tay Ho). Each dish has its own unique flavor but all are delicious and attractive. If you don’t try pho, it means you have never been to Hanoi.

Bun Cha (Kebab rice noodles)

Bun cha is a very popular dish of Hanoian and listed as 10 best street food in the world.  Bun cha has the unique flavor of Hanoi. It attracts not only the local people but also foreigners due to the spicy sauce, tangled noodles, and green papaya.

Address: 34 Hang Than, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Bun Thang

Bun Thang is a simple dish of Hanoi but it’s very complicated to make. The main ingredients include breast torn, sliced silk yolk, thinly fried eggs, and noodles. Perhaps the attraction of this dish is the combination of the pink of pork sausage, the yellowish white of chicken and the yellow of the egg. This is the dish that you cannot ignore in Hanoi.

Address: No 32 and 48, Cau Go street, Hoan Kiem.

Banh Tom (shrimp in the batter) in Ho Tay


Banh Tom is a famous and special food of Hanoian. You should eat shrimp in the batter when it is still hot to feel the crunch. This dish is eaten with sour and sweet sauce.

Address: Thanh Nien street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi.

Cha Ca La Vong ( La Vong grilled fish pies)

It is a long-standing dish made from hemibegrus, but today it is made from snakehead fish. It is eaten with baked bread, vermicelli, herbs, noodles, roasted peanuts when it’s hot. This dish is better when eaten with shrimp sauce but you can also replace the fish sauce.

Thanh Tri stuffed pancake (banh cuon)

Stuffed pancake is simple, not sophisticated but delicate as Ha Noi people. Thanh Tri stuffed pancake are skillfully coated into thin layers of food with sauces and sprinkles and herbs. It is suitable for all ages and sexes.

With cool taste and easy to eat, Thanh Tri stuffed pancake has ever fascinated many visitors when coming here.

Address: 62 To Hien Thanh, Hanoi

Green sticky rice of Vong Village

The green of rice and the sweet scent has created the charm of Vong village green sticky rice. It can be said that green sticky rice is a quintessential gift of Hanoian for many generations. If you get the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, don’t miss this food.

Fried tofu noodles with shrimp sauce

Fried tofu noodles with shrimp sauce may be one of the most characteristic dishes in Hanoi. It’s the combination of soft rice noodles, fried tofu, shrimp sauce, and herbs. This dish is famous for the vendor food courts.

Address: 39A, Ly Quoc Su, Hanoi.

Green sticky rice pie (cha com)

Green sticky rice has been an important part of the culinary culture of Hanoi for a long time. Green sticky rice is often used as a raw material processing many delicious dishes such as steamed sticky rice, sweet dessert, and cakes but the green sticky rice pie is he must-try street food in Hanoi. It is often eaten with fried tofu noodles. Some popular places to eat this dish are in Trang Tien, Hang Than, Hang Khay and Phung Hung.

Banh Gio ( pyramidal rice dumpling)

One of the most popular foods of Hanoi which can eat at any time is pyramidal rice dumpling. This dish is made of rice flour, minced meat, wood ear and dried onions. It can be eaten with soy sauce or chili sauce. The price is about 10.000 to 15.000 per cake.

Beef jerky salad

This is one of the favorite snacks of many people, especially young people because of the various ingredients. The beef jerky salad is a combination of the sweetness of the dry beef and the sweet and sour taste of the sauce, the crunch of papaya, carrots and roasted basil giving the diners interesting food experience.

Top places to enjoy this dish

Long Vi Dung Restaurant 23 Hoan Kiem Lake

Bo Gia Restaurant No.1 Nguyen Trung Truc.

54 Hang Bun.

Trang Tien Ice-cream

For many people, especially those living and working in Hanoi, perhaps no one doesn’t know the Trang Tien ice cream brand. Appeared in 1958, the ice cream flavor here has pleased many generations of Hanoians. The aromatic taste of green sticky rice cream, or the sweet coconut candy in coconut cream …, all make a brand of ice cream.


All of these dishes are worth trying and surely bring you unforgettable experiences. For more information about Vietnam Indochina Tours, you can visit our website. Share this article if it’s useful for you. Have a nice trip!

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