Means of transportation to explore Vietnam

With the breathtaking landscapes, Vietnam is an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to experience many interesting and unique means of transportation which are hard to find in the world.


Motorbike taxi (Xe om)

Motorbike taxi is known as the most popular vehicle for tourists when travelling around Vietnam. There are two types of motorbike taxi: toured motorbike taxi and free motorbike taxi. The price of toured motorbike taxi can be higher but you are served professionally and enthusiastically.

Toured motorbike taxis are improved much to attract tourists. Some agencies choose girls with ao dai as the drivers and some even choose the same bikes like Vespa to create the highlight for the journey.

The free motorbike taxi is more suitable for domestic tourists because the drivers can’t speak foreign languages well. However, they are very enthusiastic and friendly and even can be your tour guide.



Cyclo is also one of the typical vehicles in Vietnam at the reasonable price. Traveling by cyclo, you can see the streets and corners slowly.

Cyclo has also been selected by Boredpanda as one of the unique vehicles in the world for travelers to explore.

In the past, cyclo was used by the rich but nowadays, it becomes more popular with tourists. Being the safe transport with friendly drivers, cyclo is loved by most of the foreign tourists.

If choosing cycle to travel, you can feel clearly about the 36 streets in Hanoi, the imperial city of Hue, a vibrant Hoi An or dynamic Saigon. Despite the rain or sun, cyclo is equipped with a canvas to cover for visitors. Cyclo will bring visitors the real feel of Vietnam.


Cable car

The cable car is known as one of the unique “air” transport that you can choose to travel in Vietnam. The cable car is pretty popular in many countries in the world, but in Vietnam, the beautiful natural sceneries make the visitors want to this transport.

Cable car in Vietnam has been had many top records in the world including cable car in Ba Na Hill and Fansipan Mount. Traveling by cable car, you can feel a very different beauty of nature. This is the image of a mountainous green forest, the blue sea shimmering in the sun or misty scenery. It’s surely an unforgettable experience for tourists.



Kayak is a means of transportation used in water tours in Vietnam, but it originates from abroad. There are many countries in the world using kayaks as a means of travel, while in Vietnam, kayaks have been emerging in recent years.

Hai Phong, Ha Long, Nha Trang or Dalat are famous destinations where you can experience this transport. Having your own kayak, you can feel the cool breeze and water in the shortest distance which can make you exclaim that “so amazing”


Elephant Riding

Maybe other vehicles are not specific to any land, but elephant riding has become the typical transport of the Central Highlands. These giant drivers are domesticated by Central Highlands people to become a very safe and gentle transport in this basaltic red land.

Coming here, you can experience sitting on the elephant back, watching the life in villages and passing through magnificent rivers. All bring you a meaningful and fascinating trip in the Central Highlands.


Electric car

Electric cars are one of the unique vehicles used in Vietnam’s tourism, quite suitable for a green environment today. Electric cars are prevalent in ecotourism and scenic areas rather than for street trips.

Electric cars help visitors travel move conveniently, and also are friendly with the environment.


Double bike

Double bicycles are mainly found in the coastal cities because only when using bicycles, you relax comfortably in the sea atmosphere.

Along the sea lanes such as Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Vung Tau, an image that visitors can see most is the double bike rolling on the road. It’s true if saying that the twin bikes is a “moving vehicle of love”.


Horse Wagon

Referring to the horse wagon, visitors would think that it was only used in the past. It would be a big shortcoming if you don’t try this transport when taking Vietnam Indochina tours. You can experience this means of transportation when coming to the Central Highlands, the coastal city Nha Trang or the Southwest.



The helicopter is a relatively new means of transportation for tourism in Vietnam. Trying this, you have the chance to see the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam from above.

This transport just appeared in certain tourists destinations such as Da Nang, Hue, Halong, Sapa or Cat Ba. The ticket price of a helicopter is about $420-650 per person. Don’t hesitate to try this one.

Whether you choose any type of transports, you can have a clear view of the life of people in Vietnam. All of them are interesting and worth experiencing.


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