Ideal time to travel to Cambodia

Thanks to historical sites, especially Angkor Wat, Cambodia is a popular choice when loooking for Indochina Tours. The first question that visitors wonder is when to travel to Cambodia. You can take a quick look at this article to find the answer.


Weather in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country which has the tropical monsoon climate. The weather here is divided into 2 main seasons:

The dry season (from November to April): quite cool and dry because of the northwest wind.

The rainy season (from May to October): Affected by southwest wind, this season is always wet. During this period, Cambodia has frequent heavy rains, occupying 80% of the annual rainfall. Flood season starts around July to August.


Visitors can travel to Cambodia at any time because of the hot and humid climate throughout the year. The average temperature of Cambodia is 21 ° C to 35 ° C, sometimes up to 40 ° C., The northern part of Cambodia has a relatively cool climate in the winter months. However, the best months to travel to Cambodia is from October to March in the rainy season.


From January to April


This is a great time for anyone who wants to enjoy the cool space of blue beaches and sunny. Every day, visitors will feel the space full of vitality of the summer in the heat when it comes in April. It’s also the ideal time for those who want to visit tourist attractions here.


You should prepare for yourself the light outfit, short sleeves, fabric pants, wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen when traveling at this time. You also should bring some medication or vitamin C to supply energy for the body because you can easily get sick when walking in the hot weather.


Traveling to Cambodia in April, you have the opportunity to take part in traditional Tet holiday with many fascinating activities. From April 13-15, Cambodian people hold Bom Chaul Chnam water festival. This is a big and famous festival in the world with interesting activities such as Buddha bathing, building the sand tower, splashing water to each other to wish for a new year and performing the traditional Apsara dancing. Coming to Cambodia on Tet holiday, besides visiting famous tourist attractions, you can have the chance to learn more about the culture of this country.


Another great choice when visiting Cambodia in April is the charming city Sihanoukville. Being the most famous coastal city in Cambodia, Sihanoukville is not only a holiday destination for Phnom Penh residents, it is also busy and exciting with many foreign tourists. The beach is clean, affordable with many exciting entertainment games, bars, and vibrant restaurants open all day and night.

In April, Cambodia comes in the dry season with hot weather, so many domestic and foreign tourists want to enjoy the fresh and cool Bokor plateau. Bokor Plateau is quite similar to Da Lat in Vietnam with ancient French ruins and the Five Pagodas which have unique architecture and majestic landscape that creates the beauty of Bokor Plateau. Coming to Bokor, do not miss the tourist attractions that can help you recharge after hard working days such as Nam Thuy Pagoda, Popokvil Waterfall, and Bokor National Park


From May to September

After the hot season, Cambodia is bathed by the May’s rains. However, you don’t have to worry because the rain in this season will not last all day. It can rain in the morning, noon or in the evening.

Therefore, if you, unfortunately, come to Cambodia at this time due to unknown weather conditions, it still has time for you to visit and breathe the fresh atmosphere after the rain.


Rainy season in Cambodia starts from the last May to October. It’s the best time to visit Cambodia to explore the temples of Angkor and other rural areas. The rainy season can be a bit of a hassle for tours, but it brings a rare and colorful beauty of the temples as they are reflected from the surrounding lakes, the tropical forests and rice fields which become green and full of vitality. You should bring rainwear, especially umbrellas and dry clothes to suit this weather.


From October to December

The best time to travel to Cambodia is after the rain season of September when the scene is always green and beautiful and the sun is more shinning, especially the changing season time. In addition, the space moving from humid to warm and welcoming to the spring is always a poetic and romantic scene.

You should bring long-sleeved clothing because it’s the time when you are susceptible to colds and runny nose due to the change of weather. Remember to take some medication to treat some common illnesses.
Hope that with our information, you can find the most suitable time to take Cambodia Indochina tours. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Have a nice trip!

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