Here’s What You Don’t Know About Hoian Lantern Festival

If you want to find the best place in Vietnam to enjoy special history and culture, Hoian is a wonderful destination for you. When visiting Hoian, tourists will have a chance to enjoy romantic and poetic landscapes as well as join interesting activities. The lantern festival is one of the travel features of Hoian which attracted the attention of visitors and residents here; the festival honors the unique tourism products of Hoian. Therefore, the post will introduce about Hoian lantern festival.

Hoian Lantern Festival
Hoian Lantern Festival

An Hoi Bridge is the centerpiece of Hoi An’s Lantern Festival space with the floating stage on the Hoai River, which is decorated with antique earrings, shaped like a lantern, glows inside the canopy and a yellow buffalo as a large lantern. Furthermore, almost lanterns have big size, the smallest size 1m x 1m are day and night, shimmering shining throughout the area of Hoai River Square. From An Hoi Bridge to the river stage are colorful silk bands. 77 lanterns with enough icons from the bridge, the moon to the star lanterns, drag troops, fish, long, glass, bowl and lit of the units are arranged along the sides of the square. Hoai River shines shimmering light into the river with the images of dragon, phosphorus, Phoenix; carp are arranged floating on the Hoai River with brilliant light along with thousands of flowers glittering for the night. In fact, these works of art by well-known lantern artists in Hoian as well as amateur agencies and units compete together to honor and promote the unique tourism products of Hoian under the topic of mascot Tigers, Bridge Pagoda (symbol of Hoi An ancient town), light bulbs, carp lanterns, roses and hearts for love spring.

Hoian Lantern Festival
Hoian Lantern Festival

Furthermore, from the impressive gate, tourists will admire the beautiful landscapes with lantern suspension bridge of all sizes, beautiful colors, shimmering, running along the banks of Hoai River to the center of Hoai River Square. Hoian successes with new tourism products which will be held annually on each Lunar New Year. The lighting ceremony was conducted solemnly with offerings of heaven and earth. The three of them together with the pupil of the service, the mat, open the paper, the large pen writes three letters “Xuan, Dang, Hoi” and three big letters “Association, Lamp, Spring”. The luminous, mystical lights of lanterns with all the styles of European-Asian-Vietnamese civilizations like merging on the flow of the Hoai River, stopping between the past and the present in the hours of heaven and earth as well as old year deal to meet the new year.

Furthermore, the procession took place at the same time on the stage and under the Hoai River. The small boat is decorated as a flower boat procession of lanterns to contest the two sides for the audience to enjoy. On the face of the river, thousands of flowers were floated floating on the surface of the Hoai River.

Hoian is always the best destination in Vietnam for traveling with family or friend. Moreover, Hoian is also the perfect place for escaping from noisy things of the real life. Therefore, if you want to know more information, you can contact and read more at Indochina Vacation

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