The most famous destinations in Burma

Not only is famous for beautiful temples, Myanmar is also home to numerous breathtaking landscapes that are worth visiting. These are the destinations that you should not miss when taking Burma Indochina Tours.

The golden temple Shwedagon

The temple is the symbol of Myanmar which has been 2500 years old. It was born before the death of Buddha Shakyamuni. The peak golden tower of the Shwedagon is 98 meters high with a lot of the smaller towers surrounding it retaining many of the sacred treasures of Buddhism. Despite the war and natural disasters, Shwedagon is still the world’s largest temple.

The pagoda has a very inflexible and elaborate whole system of interiors with 8,690 leaves in extremely thin gold leaf. The entire temple is decorated with shimmering magic with 5,450 diamonds of all sizes and 2,320 ruby and pearl.

The iconic temple will make you excited because the color varies at different times of the day.

The golden rock Kyaikhtiyo Temple

Being one of the most famous places in Myanmar, the Golden Rock Kyaikhitiyo Temple is considered as a masterpiece of nature.

Situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level, this pagoda is located on an egg-shaped rock lying in the steep slope of Kyaikhtiyo.

Because the temple is too ancient and can not predict the age, local people always believe that it was built 2,500 years ago when the Buddha was still alive.

The rock in the temple is 7.3 meters high and 15.2 meters circumference called the golden stone. The entire temple in gold. In different angles, you will see different shapes of the stone. According to ancient people, this temple means “the temple is placed on the monk’s head”.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake – a natural lake with spectacular scenery will be an ideal place for couples and family to relax. A scene of simple wooden floating houses and small bridges connecting houses together will make you the utter glimpse.

Besides the wild and rustic beauty, Inle is also a unique cultural tourism destination in Myanmar for those who love to explore. There are some ancient architectures built in the 11th century bringing the bold features of the long-neck Padaung ethnic minority near the lake.

Taung Kalat Monastery

This is the most famous monastery in Myanmar in particular and in the world in general. You must be a very courageous person who can climb all 777 stone steps to reach the power of the monastery. In addition to being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Myanmar, this is a true pilgrimage. Their followers believe that the monastery is home to 37 legendary deities such as Maung Tint Dai, Saw Me Yar, and Mai Wunna. In addition, there is the presence of the god Nat who has a role to protect the soul of the forest. Therefore the Buddhist monastery Taung Kalat became the most famous spiritual destination in Myanmar.

If you are a Buddhist fan and are interested in the ancient, dignified and unique of the religious architecture, Myanmar is the best destination in Southeast Asia.

Inhwa Village

Inwa is a small village nestled on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is a popular tourist destination with many valuable legacies, such as Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, which is protected by 267 giant teak pillars or 27m high tilted Nanmyin Tower. In addition, old traditions from hundreds of years of the village are also unique special attractions.

Mingun Village

Mingun Village has many historical sites and landscapes but the most prominent one is the Mingun Bell and the couple Chinthe statue considered as the treasures. Chinthe (a half-lion and half-dragon mascot) is a giant statue standing guard over the river. The Mingun stupas bring to the visitors the feeling of overwhelming, the orange-colored baked brick brilliantly on the skyline.

Ananda Temple

Located in the ancient capital Bagan, the Ananda Temple is considered to be Bagan’s most beautiful temple, with four large gold Buddha statues in four directions. The temple was built in 1105 under the Pagan dynasty. Ananda is arranged in the shape of a cross forming multiple steps leading to the small surrounding temples.

It is a Burmese-style museum of art and culture that creates an ancient look and charm for visitors.

Botataung Temple

It is one of the most scared pagodas Myanmar. Situated near the city center, Botataung is also considered one of the city’s highest temples with a 40m high. Over 2500 years old, the temple still retains the ancient and monumental architecture of Mon.

This temple holds the hair of the Buddha. The stupas in the temple are designed in hollow architecture in which visitors can go through. The top of the main stupa and the inside interior are extremely fine mosaics.


Whether you choose any places to visit, you will have memorable time In Myanmar. For more information about Indochina Package tours, please visit our website. Share this article if it’s useful for you. Have a nice trip!

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