What to eat & drink in Laos

As a landlocked country, Laos diet is based on plants and freshwater fish, as well as pork, chicken, duck and water buffalo. And most of Laos dishes are roasted over an open fire and served with fresh herbs and vegetables. Fiery and fragrant, as well as pungent, Laos diet owes its distinctive taste.

Popular Dishes

1. Laap

Laap - a happy food in Lao
Laap – a happy food in Lao

Laap is a kind of salad made from miced meat , fish or vegetables tossed in lime juice, garlic, onions, chili and uncooked rice grains that have been dry fried and crushed.

2. Laos Sausage

Laos Sausage
Laos Sausage

Laotian Sausage is one of the most popular specialties in Laos made by pork or beef. Mix the miced pork, garlic, pepper, salt, sugar and lemongrass together and fill the casings. Shape them into balls and dry at least 24 hours. Normally, this sausage is served with fresh slices of ginger and small pimentos and sticky rice.

3. Lao Noodle Soup (Khao Piak Sen)

Khao Piak Sen
Khao Piak Sen – Laos noodle soup

It is a noodle dish similar with the Pho in Vietnam. As the most common of Laos food, locals often take it as their breakfast. Of course it is good to eat anytime of the day. The broth usually made by beef or chicken over flat rice noodles and flavorings of fresh herbs. And it often accompanied by optional garnish of chilli oil, lime juice, bean sprouts, long beans, holy basil and cilantro.

4. Baguettes (Khao Jee)


Khai Jee Sandwich is a famous street food in Laos and there is at least one vendor selling it at every corner. You can put pretty much anything in them like lettuce, sliced tomatoes, carrot, onion, optional cheese and so on. Eating with a cup of strong filtered coffee will be good.

5. Papaya Salad

Tam Mak houng or Papaya salad is a type of salad made from sliced raw papaya, garlic, chili, peanuts, sugar, fermented fish sauce and lime juice.


Beer in Laos
Beer in Laos

Tea and coffee is very popular in Laos and can be found everywhere. They are generally served with ice or sweetened condensed milk. Delicious local fruit juices containing various local fruits are deserved to be tried. Soft drinks are also available in Laos. If you want to try some alcohol in Laos, then beerlao can be your list, which is highly rewarding by local and foreign visitors.

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