These Delicious Dishes are The Pride of Southeast Asian Countries

Southeast Asia is always famous for amazing and stunning destinations which will make tourists falling in love in the first visiting. However, there is one thing which is also becoming the most attractive things with tourists is cuisines which are so special and unique. Therefore, the post will introduce special dishes which are considered as the pride of Southeast Asian countries.

1 Vietnam

When talking about Vietnam, tourists can not forget special cuisines which have many features from thousands of years in culinary culture. Therefore, when visiting the beautiful country, you can not miss the list of delicious foods in there such as bread, Pho, spotlight and so on.


Bread is a “remnant” of the old colonial regime, but it is the top culinary delicacy in Vietnam. All the ingredients, from barbecued meat, salads, sauces and pizzas, offer great taste at super-cheap prices.

Pho: if you have a chance to visit Hanoi but you do not have time enjoy Pho which is considered as you have not ever visit Vietnam yet. The dish is well-known throughout the world; Vietnamese pho is considered “the dish of paradise”

Cao Lau: Only in Hoi An, Cao Lau is the most delicious and strange noodle in the world.

2 Malaysia

In Malaysia, especially in Penang, you can find the best food in Southeast Asia. This culinary heaven is well-known in part thanks to the unique spices and esoteric techniques of Chinese immigrants. When visiting Malaysia, you can not definitely to be missed

Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine

Noodles: Most are from China. You can enjoy noodles on any street for under $1 USD, the noodles in Malaysia are amazingly delicious.

Indian Cuisine: The large Muslim community in Malaysia offers delicious and healthy food served on banana leaves.

3 Thailand

There is almost no need to introduce Thai dishes by Thai pad; Thai curry and other super spicy dishes themselves have brought the country’s golden pagoda reputation to the world.

Pad Thai: Thai instant noodles are made from simple ingredients including rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, lemonade and peanuts, combined with Thai spices to bring fresh and unique flavors.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

Thai Curry: Thai curries are the sum of the distinctly different flavors with the sweetness of coconut milk, the spicy taste of chili and the intense aroma of curry powder. This brings a whole range of dishes to stimulate maximum taste.

Thailand also has a myriad of street food in the world, with less than $ 1; you can absolutely have great dinner on the street.

4 Cambodia

Khmer dishes may not be as well-known as the food worlds of their neighbors, but they are also delicious and unique. The dishes usually have an indispensable seasoning spicy sauce, which gives a different flavor to rice and curry dishes.

Amok: Cambodia’s most popular curry is usually fish, sometimes with chicken. Meat is marinated with local spices and served on banana leaves.

Bai Cha: Unique creativity from sausage and soy sauce will definitely make you love


5 Laos

Laotian cuisine has a strong similarity with the neighboring countries of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. However, this country also has many interesting and individual dishes.

Laap: Laap is a traditional Lao food, used in great occasions and meaning good food. The Laap consists of minced meat, marinated rice marinated with fish sauce and lemon juice.

Papaya Salad: The dish is very similar to Thailand’s Son Tum which is also crunchy, sour, spicy, sweet and extremely healthy.

Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad

Ping Pa: Ping Pa is made from freshwater fish (Laos without sea), marinated until the fish meat becomes dry hunting. A similar variant of the chicken named Ping Gai is a smoky and addictive dish

6 Philippines

Philippines cuisine is sums up Asian flavors and influences from Spanish and European cuisine.

Adobo: This dish is ubiquitous in the Philippine country, adobe is meat or fish stewed with vinegar and spices, and then fried golden crispy.

Pancit: Pancit is simply a dish made from any type of noodles with meat and vegetables, but they have unforgettable spices and flavors.

Kare-Kare: Beef, beef and vegetables are added to the broth with peanuts, forming a delicious and tasty stew.

Actually, each dish will bring different taste and feeling for tourists but it will be interesting and unforgettable experiences with tourists when visiting these countries.

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