Best time to visit Vietnam

If you’re planning your Vietnam Indochina Travel and wondering when to travel to Vietnam. The easy answer is “ anytime”. But it’s not really true. It also depends on how you want to enjoy your holiday in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country stretching over a thousand miles from northern Sapa to the southern Mekong Delta.


If you want to spend time in beautiful beaches in Vietnam, there are beaches for every season. Beaches in Danang and Hoian is warm all the year with 38 C in summer and 24C in winter.

There are two distinct climatic zones divided by Hai Van Pass between Hue and Da Nang. There are four seasons in the North and 2 seasons: the dry season and rainy season in the South.

The weather in the South

The last dry season starts from December to April when it doesn’t rain much. If you want to relax in a beach resort, this is the best months to travel to Vietnam. If your destination is a highland area then choose Dalat because it’s quite cool at this time.

If you want to visit Ho Chi Minh City, remember that streets in the dry season are quite dusty.

In the South, the temperature doesn’t change much. The hottest time is March and May. Tourists from colder countries welcome hot weather but for the local people, it’s terrible. Therefore, most people feel more comfortable when it starts the rainy season in May and June.

The temperature from September to December is quite low. From November to January is the best time to travel to the South of Vietnam, also the peak season in Ho Chi Minh City.

Therefore, if you want to escape from the cold weather at Christmas, Vietnam is an ideal destination.

The weather in North Vietnam

There are four seasons the North. You can come here when it’s hot and cool in summer or it’s cold and dry in winter. Rain in the cold weather can make everything busier but this doesn’t happen regularly.

When visiting the mountainous area in the North, you should prepare well because the winter is very cold with the temperature under 0 C, sometimes it snows in Sapa.


The best time is the spring with thousands of tropical flowers. Springtime in Hanoi is often wet and cold before the monsoon in May, so you should bring an umbrella along.


Summer in the North is hot and wet. There is no expectation because of the effect of the global warming. Therefore, you should bring raincoat or umbrella in case the sudden weather change.


Autumn in North Vietnam is considered as the most romantic time in the year when the weather is cool and leaves turning into many colors. It’s the best time to visit the North. However, this season is quite short, only lasting from the middle September to the last October.


The winter in the North is quite cold, at least for a tropical country like Vietnam. The temperature in Hanoi can down to 10°C. Traveling here at this time, you should prepare suitable clothing. But it is interesting when people gather around the fire sipping a cup of hot tea or enjoying the attractive street food.

Holidays in Vietnam

Most Vietnamese have a few days off and visit their family or spend some days traveling to other cities.

If you want to visit Vietnam during the Tet holiday, you should book the ticket early because it’s very hard to buy the ticket at this time. If you’re lucky, you can find a space between two seats!!! Even plane tickets to Bangkok or other cities in the Southeast Asia are sold out. The room rate in the hotel is at least double meanwhile many shops and restaurants are closed but famous tourist attractions are very crowded.

Many people are sad because they cannot go anywhere in the holidays. There are no tickets left, everything is booked in advance. Some even shout at the staffs at a travel agency because they cannot help anything. Don’t be like them!!

At first, check your day off. Make sure you have enough time and check your visa term. The Embassy will not work on the holiday and if your visa expires, it can become hard.

Hurricanes in Vietnam

From August to November is the peak season of hurricanes in Vietnam with many serious damages. Most central coastal areas are most affected when hurricane happening.

In general, once the hurricane occurs, it will destroy many things but it’s hard to predict. If you are in Hue, Danang, Hoi An or other coastal cities when hurricane happening, check the information online or with the hotel reception to ensure your safety.


Hope that with our suggestion, you can  find the best time travel Vietnam. For more information about Vietnam Indochina tours, you can visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Have a nice trip.


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