Beautiful Weather in The North of Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. The country attracted a lot of tourists because of wonderful destinations and amazing cuisines. However, weather of Vietnam is always the best concerning of tourists because it’s the difficult to find to best time to visit Vietnam.

Although Vietnam is known as the country with 4 seasons in a year, in fact, weather of the north and the south of Vietnam are quite different. If the north of Vietnam represents clearly weather of Vietnam with 4 seasons, the southern Vietnam is considered as 2 main seasons in the year. Therefore, the post will introduce weather in the north of Vietnam for all readers.

Weather in the north of Vietnam

There are 4 seasons in a year of Vietnam including spring, winter, summer, and autumn. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the real weather of Vietnam, Hanoi is the best choice for you. Spring is beginning of a new year which will start from February to April. Summer starts May to July and fall is from August to October. Further, winter is November to the next year.

The north of Vietnam

Summer of the northern Vietnam is quite hot with the temperature from 35oC to 400C and in the afternoon can easily appear the heavy rain in about 1-2 hours. Therefore, it is considered as the best time for traveling to the beach of Vietnam. Furthermore, if you can not enjoy the high temperature of the north in summer, you can visit in the late of May which is the beginning of the summer, so weather is quite comfortable for enjoying. In fact, the most attractive and beautiful season in the north of Vietnam is autumn. The season is known as the most beautiful season with cool weather and beautiful landscapes if you visit Hanoi or other landscapes. When visiting Hanoi in the season, you will get the romantic feeling when walking around Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake or beautiful roads of Hanoi. Around mid-late autumn, trees begin to change leaves, yellow leaves fall off the road, preparing for winter. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Hanoi and the North, but the South including Saigon can not have.

Since October, there has been some cold air, which reduced the daytime temperature to only 24-25 degrees Celsius. In the morning and afternoon, the place looks mysterious in the suburban fields. Furthermore, when the North falls in winter, it is the best time for traveling to Sapa because when you visit the place in winter, you will have a chance to admire snow. Sapa is one of rare place having snow in winter in Vietnam. Therefore, spending the time to enjoy the wonderful time in highland destinations in Vietnam will provide unforgettable experiences with tourists.

Beautiful Weather in The North of Vietnam

Spring in Hanoi in particular and the North, in general, is also the season for hundreds of large and small traditional festivals throughout the countryside. Early in the spring, there are little sunshine and rain lasts all week. At the end of spring, warm sunshine appears and trees begin to bloom. Spring can not forget the peach blossom. Furthermore, spring is famous Tet festival which is known as the biggest festival in Vietnam. Therefore, if you want to learn more about local life and culture of local people, you can not miss the time.

In fact, although the weather has some different, Vietnam is still a wonderful and beautiful country which attracted a lot of tourists each year. Therefore, if you want to have an amazing trip in Vietnam, you should check out weather of Vietnam or ask local people through forums before traveling.


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