Angkor Cambodia travel interesting experiences

Cambodia is famous for temples and pagodas with unique architecture. As a result, it has become a thriving country. Most notable, not to be missed when traveling Cambodia is Angkor and Siem Reap. Traveling to any of the tourist destinations, travel experiences and a certain understanding of the culture of the place is very important. For a quick trip to Cambodia, the following tour experience will be very helpful for your Angkor Cambodia travel!

About Angkor

Located 320 km from Phnom Penh to the north, it was built under the reign of King Suriya-Warman II (1113-1150), the first Angkor Wat to worship the Hindu god of India. Later, when the Khmer dynasty of Buddhism, Angkor Wat became a temple. After the capital of the Khmer empire was destroyed by the Siamese and the Khmer kings fled to Phnom Penh in the 15th century, Angkor Wat fell into oblivion and was covered by old jungle and rediscovered in 1860 by Herri Mouhot.


Angkor Wat has a circumference of about 6 km and an area of ​​about 200 ha, the highest point is the top of the main temple, with a height of 65m. Angkor Wat is the only mountain temple in Cambodia with the main entrance in the west – the sunset direction.


This layout caused a feeling of inhibition to the temple entrance because the image of the temple is prominent in the glare of the sun. The temple complex consists of four floors imitating the image of the “mountain of Meteorology” of India. The spirit is worshiped here is Viśnu. The Cambodian government has restored the monument and today it is home to hundreds of visitors from all over the world.


Around the temple, there are trenches covered. Outside the walls are many reservoirs, the design of this temple is very balanced and beautiful, large scale, area within the wall which is wide to 83610m².


The center of the shrine is a 61m high tower. If wanting to go there, the tourists must go through a few doors, a high platform, and a large yard. Around the lower tower, it is a hallmark of the entire architecture.


The rich embossments and many colors to decorate perfectly match the balance and solemn design. On these stone reliefs are depict scenes in Indian epics. Many male and female spirits happily danced with each other in teasing positions. Through a corridor of reliefs in succession, several hundred yards long, there were many authentic figures in Cambodia’s history. The image is popular and often appears on the relief, is the dancing goddess of Cambodia.

Buy tickets to visit the Angkor population

Angkor Cambodia travel requires tourists to buy tickets. The tickets are valid for different time and sightseeing. The best way is to take part in the tour and guided tours. This is a bit expensive, but in return, they will guide that tour groups should buy tickets that are suitable for the tour as well as take advantage of the time to discover more for tourists. Have time to look and take souvenir photos. If it is a spontaneous tour, tourists can easily buy expensive tickets a wide range of time to visit. Unfortunately, you get lost, there is more time wasted.


Angkor Tourist Ticket: There are 3 types of tickets available, including all Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom temples. You are free to visit with this ticket but be careful in keeping it.


– One-day ticket: $ 20.

– 3-day ticket: $ 40.

– 7-day ticket: $ 60.


Choose the 3-day ticket as you will not be able to visit the temples of Angkor in only one day. At least, you have to spend 2 days but no 2-day ticket is available.


Ticketing point: at the main gate of Angkor Park on the entrance to Angkor Wat, about 2 km from Angkor Wat.


Sightseeing: From 5 a.m to 6 p.m daily.


When traveling to Cambodia, US dollar is very popular because in here, foreign tourists are quite a lot, so the tourist sites, buying and selling also use the dollar a common way. But if the exchange of money is more convenient Cambodia.

Transportation to Angkor

For Angkor Cambodia travel, if you have started in the Angkor area, you can rent a bicycle to admire the mysterious and unique beauty of the temples. As well as moving from this location to a new exploration site, visitors can catch the following vehicles:


– Trailer for two people cost from $ 10 to $ 13 / day.

– 4-seat cars cost $ 20 – $ 25 a day.

– Vehicles cost $ 6-9 per day.

– Bicycles rent from $ 2-3 / day.

– Tuk-tuk – a traditional car of Cambodian people has negotiated price.


At this popular means of sightseeing, it is bicycles. This means is preferred by a lot of tourists and Western special guests in Indochina vacations. After visiting the evening you should take a stroll to explore the night market and enjoy the Cambodian specialties.

Preparation before tour Angkor

To Angkor Cambodia travel, there are places where it is very sunny, with no shade or sugar cane. Therefore, visitors have to equip themselves with sun protection costumes such as the wide hat, jacket, scarf, and trousers as well as an umbrella. Especially, if there is a bottle of mineral water, it will be more wonderful and complementary to support the health when walking in the hot sun.


In the sun, mosquitoes are a concern. Angkor is also sacred, so costumes are important. Make sure your outfit is polite and confidential to avoid any unwanted trouble.


At tourist sites in Cambodia, not just Angkor, there are always scammers or beggars. Carefully protect your personal property and make good charitable decisions.
Angkor is a can-not-miss destination in Cambodia. We hope that the above information will be helpful for you. Have a nice trip with Cambodia Indochina tours!

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