9 Useful Information for Traveling in Myanmar

Myanmar is always known as the sanctuary of famous and wonderful temples. Furthermore, landscapes of Myanmar are also the amazing point in there which will make tourists falling in love in the first time traveling. It is the reason why Myanmar is becoming the interesting and attractive country in Southeast Asia. However, if you want to visit the beautiful country, besides preparing your itinerary or booking tour, you should learn more about useful things for traveling in Burma. The post will help you handle it.

1 Burmese people celebrate the New Year in 4 days

The New Year (Thingyan) is a great holiday for Burmese. “Thingyan” is known as the water splash festival, usually held in April every year. On this day, everywhere in Myanmar including banks, restaurants, and shops are closed. Yangon (30 km from Martaban Bay) and Mandalay City (716 km north of Yangon) will hold the New Year Festival biggest in the country. Furthermore, during the festival, people often fall in water to wash away the bad luck and sins of the previous year and give birth to birds and fish on the last day of the festival.

Burmese people celebrate the New Year

2 Myanmar has hundreds of beaches

Myanmar has a coastline of up to 2,000 km. Most of the beaches here face west, so visitors come here to admire the beautiful sunset. The most famous beach is Ngapali with the white sandy beach stretching over 3 km, just 45 minutes from Yangon, or pristine Ngwe Saung beach which is also called Silver Sea, just 5 hours’ drive from Yangon with sandy beach stretches for 13 km and is considered Asia’s longest beach.

3 The Internet is no longer censored as before

The Internet has been popular in Myanmar since 2000 but its speed is slow and its usage is very high. Previously, famous sites such as YouTube or Gmail were even banned from use in this country. Recently, however, the ban has been lifted. Therefore, when visiting there, tourists can easy to use the Internet. However, besides the expensive cost of using the Internet, mobile phones are also rarely used here because service fees are too high. However, in June, the card which has USD$15 was introduced for the SEA Games season to be held here in December 2013. However, only tourists and foreigners can use this type of card.


4 Bring cash with you

Myanmar has very few ATM, so it is best to bring a fair amount of cash when traveling here. It makes sure your money is not crumpled, torn or has any strange traces, otherwise, it will not be usable. Furthermore, visa card is only accepted in 5-star hotels and big restaurants or shops.

5 Make “fake kiss” sound to call beer

When attracting attention to service personnel, Myanmar people often kiss short two or three times. The sound of “kiss” is like when you call pet cat. Going down Street 19 in the Chinese area of Yangon, you will hear a lot of sounds like that. Narrow pedestrianized streets are often the place where people gather to eat and drink with tables and chairs just outside the sidewalk.

6 Expensive hotels

Since the country opened up, businessmen and tourists rushed to Myanmar. The number of visitors has soared that the number of rooms remains the same, leading to escalating prices. Therefore, as expected, hotel shortages in Myanmar will continue for another 10 years.

However, many hotels are rapidly expanding, upgrading to not miss the opportunity to bumper visitors. They do extensive construction, repair but still welcome guests to normal leave.

7 Burmese men’s dresses still use skirts

Burmese traditional attire is “longyi” skirt. Men tied the skirt forward, and women folded and sewed on the side. In particular, in the cities, the Burmese men only wore underwear under longyi skirts when traveling in the streets. In rural areas, wearing underwear is less common with both men and women. “Longyi is great, like a free air conditioner,” a local man said cheerfully. This is an advantage, especially in the summer with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Burmese men’s dresses still use skirts

8 Exotic eating habits

When you visit the country, you are only allowed to eat with your right hand, because according to Myanmar, the left hand is used for personal hygiene. Moreover, a typical meal of the country is rice, fish, meat, vegetables and soup. Burmese people often use their hands to wrap the rice into the gravy and then eat the same vegetables. Visitors should note that Buddhists often avoid beef and Muslims do not eat pork.

9 Transferring

The railroad tracks here are severely degraded to make the train ride very shaky, but many visitors still choose to go by train because they can see the much beautiful scenery along the way. However, if you want to save time, the train is not a good choice for you because Myanmar trains are famous for the slow time and slow travel. The best train ride from Yangon to Mandalay takes up to 16 hours without delay. Therefore, the flight is always the best choice for tourists when visiting the land.


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